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VeeBoards 2Go

VeeBoards 2Go

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VeeBoards® is the perfect solution for trucking professionals looking for a reliable, durable, load-securing system. These boards are made from ultra-high-density polyethylene, making them resistant to cracking and lightweight for easy handling. Certified for use all around the world, VeeBoards® are designed for long-term stability and flexibility to accommodate varying cargo shapes.

  • Lighter than steel
  • They last ten times longer than wood
  • Stack efficiently
  • Spread the pressure of the strap over 12", 24", 36" or 48"
  • Unlike aluminum, they will bend, then return to their original shape
  • Weather resistant
  • Do not crack in freezing temperatures, and will not burn your hands in hot temperatures.
  • Cost efficient
  • Made in various colors
  • Do little or no damage if they come loose
  • Protect the corners of your cargo and help your straps last longer

DOT requirements specify that all loads should be secured in such a way as to assure that no pieces come loose, endangering those behind. Also, VeeBoards MUST be used if the strap is in any danger of being cut or damaged by the freight.

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