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Gobi Heat

Vantage Heated Stadium Seat

Vantage Heated Stadium Seat

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The Vantage Stadium Seat from Gobi Heat is the newest offering in our line of outdoor chairs and outdoor gear. Vantage takes portable heat to the next level. Featuring an easy to carry handle and pockets for your phone, keys, and other valuables, Vantage will keep you comfortable and warm all day long. For sporting and entertainment events, Vantage will save your behind from those cold bleachers. Vantage features a strong back for support and comfort. This portable seat comes equipped with Gobi Heat’s battery, which also charges your phone while keeping you warm. Vantage is the most durable and reliable rechargeable heated stadium seat out there. Purchase portable comfort like you’ve never experienced before. Vantage comes available in Flare and Slate.

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