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2-Drum Spill Pallet With Drain

2-Drum Spill Pallet With Drain

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Store drums and other leak- or spill-prone containers on this Pallet to help you comply with regulations.

NOTE: The Item number for this product has recently changed from ULT2505 to PALLET2-WD. Please make a note of it.

  • Low profile and heavy load capacity; 2-Drum Pallet can hold up to 1,500 lbs.
  • 66-gallon sump protects and helps meet containment requirements in the event of a small leak or complete drum failure
  • Strong, durable all-polyethylene construction makes this Pallet light-weight and resistant to chemicals; will not rust or corrode
  • Black color disguises dirt and wear and tear; keeps the Pallet looking good
  • Polyethylene grate can be easily removed for quick access to sump area; drain plug makes it simple to empty
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