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Maxx View

Maxx View Mirrors, Backup Light, Strobe & Signal Kit

Maxx View Mirrors, Backup Light, Strobe & Signal Kit

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Revolutionize Your Road Safety with Maxx View!

Say farewell to risky blind spots and embrace a new era of trucking safety with Maxx View – the pinnacle of commercial truck blind spot solutions!

Unparalleled Features for Unrivaled Safety:

Maxx View is not just a product; it's a safety powerhouse. Experience a rear-facing LED reverse light, turn signal, emergency strobe flasher, and a groundbreaking forward-facing front-end blind spot detector – all in one compact package!

No More Blind Spots, Just Clear Roads Ahead:

Bid adieu to the anxiety of blind spots and welcome unmatched visibility and safety on the road. Maxx View equips you with the tools to confidently navigate any situation, ensuring you're always in control.

All-Inclusive Kit for Effortless Installation:

The Maxx View kit is your ticket to hassle-free installation. Packed with easy-to-follow instructions, left and right mirror/LED lights (2 Lights), wiring extending to your dashboard or auxiliary switch location, 2 waterproof wiring boxes, and all the essential mounting hardware – everything you need is included. With Maxx View, installation is a breeze, saving time and effort.

Versatile Solution for Professionals and Families Alike:

Whether you're a seasoned professional truck driver or a safety-conscious family, Maxx View is the ultimate choice. Ensure your loved ones' safety on the road and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with increased visibility.

Order Now for Unmatched Peace of Mind:

Don't compromise on safety – order your Maxx View today and elevate your driving experience. Enjoy the confidence that comes with enhanced visibility and safety on the road. Maximize your safety minimize your worries!

Upgrade to Maxx View – where safety meets innovation!  

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