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MyTrucker Pro Partners with CDL Legal

Silicon Valley, California

MyTrucker Pro simplifies the transportation market with a focused network for everyone from drivers to owner-operators to large corporations.

MyTrucker Pro and CDL Legal are excited to announce that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow members of MyTrucker Pro to access legal services at a discounted rate allowing them to save money and stay on the road. CDL Legal is passionate about providing legal protection for the trucking industry and has revolutionized the driver legal service landscape.

As demand for truck drivers soars and stress on the supply chain mounts, it is important for drivers to maintain clean licenses to increase their earning potential. This partnership connects services for the transportation industry in one place. CDL Legal provides legal services for moving and non-moving violations. They are focused on proactive solutions to keep drivers employed. CDL Legal is focused on keeping drivers on the road by giving drivers and carriers a proactive legal solution that protects their livelihood. Their network of local attorneys has a 95% success rate in getting tickets reduced or dismissed! MyTrucker Pro is a platform dedicated to connecting tools, services, and resources for the transportation industry; we empower people to simplify their business and grow their potential.

“We are proud to partner with CDL Legal. At MyTrucker Pro, we firmly believe that the small, independent operators are the core of the transportation industry,”

“It is the drivers that make the supply chain possible. And we value bringing them services that support their needs at prices that make sense.”

Ernie Lopez, Founding Team Member and Vice President of Marketing

Members of MyTrucker Pro will now be able to access the legal services they need at the low price of $32.50 a month. We hope to increase our members job security and earning potential through this partnership. The cost benefits to members will be important to small businesses and self-employed drivers, where every penny counts.

“CDL Legal is excited to be one of MyTrucker Pro’s initial partners. We see a limitless potential of working with them and providing a great service on their exciting new platform,”
Jack Sitler, President of CDL Legal

The culture of MyTrucker Pro is to connect the industry in a single place and to bring value-added partnerships to our members. Simplifying the vast industry is our goal; we provide a site to connect with other like-minded professionals, find information, link with services and providers, sell products and get advice. In addition, our Business Advantage partnerships, such as CDL Legal, bring our members to access much-needed industry-specific trusted providers, allowing for increased business savings and driving a competitive edge for the future.

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About MyTrucker Pro

MyTrucker Pro is a platform dedicated to transportation professionals, enabling industry tools and connections around the globe in a single web presence. In addition, with our Business Advantage Partners, our members save money through partnership programs.


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