MyTrucker Pro Carries VeeBoards Products

MyTrucker Pro Carries VeeBoards Products

We are excited to announce that we now have products by VeeBoards! VeeBoards is a United States-owned and operated company specializing in cargo protection. Their products ensure loads arrive safely and undamaged, saving drivers time and money. All their products are manufactured in the United States with a 100% quality guarantee. 

 VeeBoards supplies cargo-securing products such as straps, ratchets, winches, winch bars, and vee boards. Vee boards or brick guards are used to protect the corners of the cargo being transported from the tie-down straps. They are plastic or steel; some even have reflectors to increase on-the-road safety. Using these simple tools has many benefits to increasing customer satisfaction and ease of job delivery for truck drivers hauling loads. 

At MyTrucker Pro we know that business image and saving money is essential to our community. We are thrilled to work with VeeBoards, the leader in quality cargo protection, and are excited to provide well-made equipment for any load. There is a proven reduction in insurance claims, increased dependability, and business image, and reduced strap wear and tear when using VeeBoards’ products. 

The culture of MyTrucker Pro is to connect the industry in a single place and to bring value-added products and services to our members. Simplification of the vast industry is our goal; we provide a platform to connect with other like-minded professionals, find information, link with services and providers, buy products, and get advice. Companies like VeeBoards bring our community access to valuable, trusted products, allowing for increased savings, business value, and cargo protection. 

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Jack Bay
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