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Transportation isn't always simple. Do everything you need to in one place with MyTrucker Pro.
We are building a community dedicated to the transportation industry, join to take control over your business, your way.

Social Connect: Connect with businesses, truckers, and other individuals using MyTrucker Pro Connect

Forums / Groups: Discuss topics of interest with others and create public or private groups

Discounts: Save money for services by enrolling with our Advantage Partners

Business Pages: Create a website with business pages to promote your business or products

Buy / Sell: Inventory for trucks, trailers, construction equipment, parts, and many other types of equipment

Jobs: Use the job boards to post, search for, and find jobs


Drivers will have access to the tools, resources and services they need while on the road.


Ability to sell, buy, rent, lease equipment and locate storage and parking to fill your requirements.

Business Advantage

We are here to assist with all kinds of services like financing, inspections, insurance, recruiting and more. Business Advantage provides preferred partner discounts to save money with our Advantage Partners.

Advantage Partners

Save money with MyTrucker Pro Advantage partners with discounts on services. Our partners have vast experience in their fields and offer all kinds of services. So check back often to find addtional deals.


Hear what industry professionals are saying about MyTrucker Pro...

Gurpreet Dosanjh

CEO SD Truck World

A single site that connects me with my extended team and my customers is the perfect platform to do business.

Greatdane trucking logo

John Schmidt

VP International Sales Great Dane

MyTrucker Pro gives me an unparalleled ability to sell internationally.

Volvo truck logo

Bryan Haas

Volvo North America

My Dealer Network can now list equipment and get Nationwide exposure in any language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the site free to join and become a member?

MyTrucker Pro is free to join. It's developed for everyone in the transportation industry. Membership gives you access to many features.

Is MyTrucker Pro a place that I can see and comment on industry issues?

MyTrucker Pro is the place to get your voice heard! Comment on industry news articles and forums and get your voice heard.

I heard when you sign-up for MyTrucker Pro, you get to connect with your contacts in the industry. Is that true?

Yes, it is a bit like LinkedIn and Facebook, but the difference is that you can do business with your contacts.

What kind of tools are provided on MyTrucker Pro, and how do they help me?

MyTrucker Pro is a platform that offers many tools that help transportation professionals check the site for details.

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