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FoxFire Safety Lites

F263-R Foxfire Signal Lite

F263-R Foxfire Signal Lite

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Foxfire F263 Signal Lite brings hi-powered emergency lighting to any situation. Deliver greater visibility and awareness to small vehicles that are typically not well-lit. Forklifts, Bobcats, Scissor Lifts, Skid Steers, Postal Service Trucks, Farm Equipment, and Golf Carts are just a few of the vehicles that can greatly benefit from Foxfire Signal Lites. Bring awareness to areas in manufacturing plants and warehouses that need attention. 

  • 26 Super Bright LEDs - Visible For Over 1 Mile
  • Multiple Light Patterns - Fast Flash, Wig/Wag, Constant On
  • Patented Lens Design - LED Magnifiers and 360-Degree Illumination
  • Battery Operated - Easy Battery Access, Requires 4xAA
  • Weather Resistant - Rugged and Durable
  • Extremely Versatile - Attach to Safety Cones, Mount To Metal, and More
  • Magnetic Backing - For Static Applications
  • Add the Foxfire AMB-FF Adjustable Magnetic Base to Adjust Lite to Any Angle Within a 90 Degree Range
  • Add the Foxfire MAG25 or MAG90lb Magnets When Vibration and Movement Are a Factor.
  • Add the Foxfire SCB2 Safety Cone Bracket to Attach Lite to Most Safety Cones

Applications: Utility Vehicles, Traffic Control, Disaster Scenes, Oversized Loads, Warehouse Safety, Work Zone Safety, Farm Equipment, Crane & Boom Operators, First Responder Vehicles, Replace Road Flares, Manufacturing Plants

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