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MyTrucker Pro Partners with TrüNorth Global

Silicon Valley, California 

MyTrucker Pro simplifies the transportation market with a focused network for everyone from drivers to owner-operators to large corporations.

MyTrucker Pro and TrüNorth Global are pleased to announce that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will bring members of MyTrucker Pro services and valuable industry insights from TrüNorth Global. TrüNorth Global is the leading global provider of commercial asset protection for all commercial trucks, construction equipment, steam and cargo ships, power generation, and air.

The agreement brings together services for the transportation industry in one place. As the industry changes and shifts, connecting a growing community platform with a commercial asset protection provider allows users to make smart decisions about protecting their assets. MyTrucker Pro is a platform dedicated to connecting tools, services, and resources for the transportation industry, and TrüNorth Global provides the most comprehensive aftermarket warranty programs such as TrüNorth and OEM2 warranties, TrüTow roadside assistance service, MyTruckWarranty programs for Class 3-7 commercial work trucks, and flexible private-label programs based on the needs of their dealer partners and their hard-working customers.

 “Our partnership with TrüNorth Global allows our members to save money and protect their valuable assets,”

“We understand that protecting your equipment is important, especially when your equipment is a means to keep your income stream stable. MyTrucker Pro is invested in bringing valuable and trusted partnerships to our members. TrüNorth Global is the leading provider and is a trusted thought leader in the transportation industry. We look forward to bringing their expertise to our community.”

Ernie Lopez, Founding Team Member and Vice President of Marketing


Members of MyTrucker Pro will now purchase warranty protection at a discounted price. However, members will get more than just a product from TrüNorth Global. They will get comprehensive information that will help them better understand how to adjust to complex changes in the industry. As the transportation industry copes with change and prepares for the future, our members need easy access to good information.


“Partnering with MyTrucker Pro is a great opportunity to connect across our industry and create impact across industry and market sectors,”

“The past ten years brought profound changes to the transportation industry. As we enter a new year, I believe the industry will continue to experience unprecedented levels of disruption stemming from new technologies that will create new markets and business channels; partnering with MyTrucker Pro aligns seamlessly with our core values and innovation promises.”

William Eskridge, TrüNorth Global Chairman/CEO.

The culture of MyTrucker Pro is to connect the industry in a single place and to bring value-added partnerships to our members. Simplification of the vast industry is our goal, and we provide a site to connect with other like-minded professionals, find information, link with services and providers, sell products and get advice. Our Business Advantage partnerships, such as this one with TrüNorth Global, bring our members access to much-needed industry-specific trusted providers, allowing for increased business savings and driving a competitive edge for the future.

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MyTrucker Pro is a growing platform dedicated to transportation professionals, enabling industry tools and connections around the globe in a single web presence. In addition, with our Business Advantage Partners, our members save money through valuable, trusted partnership programs designed for them.

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