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Technology Startup MyTrucker Pro Launches New Focused Networking Platform for the Transportation Industry Allowing Members to Access Service and Product Providers

MyTrucker Pro simplifies the transportation market with a focused network for everyone from drivers to owner-operators to large corporations.

MyTrucker Pro announces its beta launch. It is a new network platform dedicated to providing partnership services at reduced prices to the transportation industry. MyTrucker Pro saw the need for a simple platform for the industry to provide a marketplace, networking platform, benefits for its members, and a place to conduct business.

The platform currently has capabilities for internal company messaging, a marketplace for equipment exchange and selling, ways to connect with others, and a place for job postings. There is also the ability for the web application to be translated into 108 languages, allowing for real-time messaging translation, marketplace translation, and ad translation. Their goal is to continue to build out the user ease through a mobile app which will be released in the next few months. Additionally, MyTrucker Pro has partnered with several companies to provide discounts on beneficial products to members. The current MyTrucker Pro Advantage Partners are with Bestpass for toll solutions, TrüNorth Warranty for warranty programs, CDL Legal for all your legal needs, TCS Fuel Card for money savings at the pump, AscendTMS for load management, and Triumph Business Capital for factoring solutions. Partnerships with more transportation-related companies will continue to grow with the excitement brewing around a specialized social site in the transportation space.

In early 2019, MyTrucker Pro was initially formed by industry and technology professionals, and the result of years of work is this impressive network and aggregation site for transportation. The initial idea was to solve a marketplace problem, creating a single place for all trucking merchandise. But many startups have explored the trucking marketplace problem; what if there was a more straightforward solution, the team thought. Thus, the idea for a single location for all aspects of the transportation industry was born. MyTrucker Pro is a distribution center for transportation; its unique offering is through its relationships with partners, which will continue to grow. Membership allows you to access discounted offerings that larger companies only see in the industry – MyTrucker Pro is a place where individuals matter.

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“We wanted to provide a one-stop-virtual-shop for the trucking industry. What started as a solution to a single problem has turned into an application that can be used for all kinds of business and relationship building within the transportation community. It has such potential for diverse use and expansion beyond just trucking, our initial focus,”

“With the recent shortages of drivers, now is the time for everyone in the industry to get connected and start talking in one place.”

Ernie Lopez, Founding Team Member and Vice President of Marketing

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MyTrucker Pro is a platform dedicated to transportation professionals, enabling industry tools and connections around the globe in a single web presence. In addition, with our Business Advantage Partners, our members save money through partnership programs.

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